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Since its introduction in 2002, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) has become the most inquired about harvesting method in hair restoration. In contrast to the “strip method” (in which a strip of skin from the donor site was surgically moved with the follicles intact, then divided for transplantation), FUE uses a small, specifically designed instrument to obtain individual follicular units. Because the follicular units are smaller, the procedure is minimally invasive and virtually unnoticeable. The linear scarring associated with strip-method harvesting is also avoided.

The follicular unit to be removed is selected by the surgeon, the punch is then placed over the follicular unit and a small circular incision is made approximately half way down the unit's hair shafts. Next, the unit is grasped and extracted from the surrounding skin.

Patients with the following conditions benefit from FUE:

- Male pattern baldness
- Female pattern baldness
- Scars from cosmetic surgery
- Missing or thinning eyebrows
- High hairlines
- Previous hair transplants needing repair

Patients interested in rapid recovery, minimal post-operative pain, rapid recovery with the option to wear their hair short will find FUE to be the best procedure for them.

Why requesting the Harris S.A.F.E. System™ Hex with Blunt is important:
Optimal outcomes can be achieved only if the harvested follicular units are healthy and whole. Studies show that inexperienced surgeons, using the standard FUE technique may damage more than 20-30% of the hair follicles they remove. The comprehensive Harris S.A.F.E. System™ developed by James A. Harris, MD, has been proven to help reduce follicle damage to as low as 2.8% or less.

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