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The Company behind Harris FUE Instruments
Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Harris FUE Instruments was created by James A. Harris, MD, FACS, founder and medical director of the Hair Sciences Center. A Clinical Instructor of Hair Transplantation at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and an international leader in FUE hair restoration, Dr. Harris was committed to developing a comprehensive surgical system for FUE physicians committed to optimal outcomes. The Powered Harris S.A.F.E. System™ offers an array of tools now in use on five continents.

The Technology behind Harris FUE Instruments

Every component of the Powered Harris S.A.F.E. System™ , from the blunt-punch design of the surgical tips to the processing protocol used by surgical staff, contributes to a higher yield of healthy follicular units. Products now available in the Powered Harris S.A.F.E. System™ include a range of blunt, disposable dissecting tips to individualize the procedure to the candidate’s hair profile, and ancillary items to facilitate the FUE surgery.

The FDA approved blunt-punch technology patented by Dr. Harris has been recognized worldwide and was chosen by Restoration Robotics for use in the ARTAS System, the world’s first image-guided robotic system for FUE surgery.

Small-group and 1:1 training options are available, as well as seminars conducted at ISHRS events. Schedule a private FUE instrument training.

Global Use
The Harris S.A.F.E. System™ is now used in hair restoration clinics worldwide, improving physician performance and patient experience. Read these FUE instrument reviews from around the globe.

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